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Aylesbury Clinic, Dublin 24

The Aylesbury clinic is one of the busiest medical clinics in Ireland. In 2020, Dr Jordon wanted to reduce the footfall in the clinic in order to keep everybody safe due to Covid. Consequently we developed a webpage on the website to make it easier for patients to order repeat prescriptions without having to physically present at the clinic.

The webpage allows patients to complete a prescription form with details that allowed staff to pull the patients file, the type of prescription and the pharmacy that they wanted the prescription sent to. In addition there was an option for non-medical card holders to pay online which greatly reduced the footfall to the clinic. This is an obvious case of business solutions through technology.

Dillon Kelly Cregan, Dublin 2

Ian wanted to develop a cost effective method to touch base with his clients on a quarterly basis. The objective was to provide quality information that added value to his client base and at the same time keeping his firm in their minds in case they required further accountancy services.

We developed a cost effective system were we posted the content in the ‘Resources’ tab which created a unique URL. This unique URL allowed Ian to simply copy and paste it onto any emails or social media posts that we was sending to his client base.

This had the effect of driving traffic back to the website and using Google Analytics, we could determine the effectiveness of his posts. - Targeted Digital Marketing
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